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Careers in Accessory Design

Accessory Designing Career, Career in Accessory Design With the evolving fashion industry and people growing more conscious of their sartorial predilections, accessories have become one of the vivid way to make a statement among one’s peers. Accessories today include whole gamut of things ranging from costume to jewellery, footwear to giftware and other lifestyle products. They have been transformed from mere utility based products to a fashion statement, integrating aesthetics values with practicality. This has spawned the need of specialists who can craft well designed accessories that are not only qualitative but also aesthetically appealing.

An accessory designer conceptualizes and creates designs for jewelry, handbags, shoes, ties, belts, hats, gloves, etc. to go with clothing. Basically they would specialize in a specific line of accessories, as well as the customers for whom they design these accessories, be it men, women, kids, moms, brides, and so on. Accessory designers need to always stay in touch with trends in their own specialties and with the trends in apparel and fabric markets, in order to complement the latest styles in the market.

Course Details For Career In Accessory Design

Under-graduate, diploma and certificate courses in lifestyle accessories designing are offered across many institutes in India. The minimum qualification for these courses is 10+2 pass with any subject. The course duration varies between 1-4 years depending upon the courses and institutes which offer it. Post-graduate courses are however very less and offered in few institutes

Students of an accessory design diploma program will study many areas of fashion accessory design including:

  • Preparation and Development
  • Fashion Trends
  • Accessory Materials
  • Fashion Drawing and Design

Career Prospects In Accessory Design

Accessory DesignLifestyle accessories design courses envisage work opportunities in costume, jewellery, leatherwear, glass products, footwear, watches, scarves, giftware, tableware and silverware industries. Large firms employ staff designers or more frequently, commission freelance designers. Small workshops and firms usually work for orders from fashion houses or for particular wholesalers and retail outlets also hire accessories designers. Lifestyle accessory designers also work as in-house or freelance designers who design and craft these accessories. They can also start their self owned enterprises.


Accessory design is a highly competitive field that requires a lot of self-motivation. Few staff positions are available, so most accessory designers work independently. Those who succeed in creating industry buzz around their products can parlay this into creating larger and more lucrative operations. However the earning potentials for a successful accessory designer has no limits. Those who are successful in the field can make well over $100,000 per year. The earnings of these designers depend entirely upon the extent of their business and their popularity and innovative skill.

Institutes Offering Courses on Accessory Design

Many Institutes in the country offer courses in Accessory Designing.Please click her for detailed list of institutes in the country that provide courses on Accessory Design.



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