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Air Hostess as Career

AirhostessOn board of an air travel, the people who are entrusted with the task of looking into the needs of the passengers and make them feel comfortable are the Air Hostesses. Also referred to as flight steward and cabin crew,these are the first people to welcome people aboard on the aircraft. Their jobs start from here and continues throughout the duration of flight. They supervise passengers with their seating arrangements, help in arranging their hand baggage in the proper manner, demonstrate the use of emergency equipments and ensure the use of safety belts by everybody. They make the necessary announcements over the public address system. They serve meals to passengers and to the crew.

The career offers lucrative payment options apart from the obvious opportunities of visiting different places and interacting with people of different spheres. The opening up of the aviation to private sectors and consequent entry of many air travel companies have only multiplied the opportunities and bettered the prospects.

Course Details

Minimum academic qualification should be 10+2 pass or graduate or diploma holder in hotel management.Apart from the educational qualification, the following eligibility criteria is set by the aviation sector for air hostesses :

  • Age: Below 25 years
  • Height: Minimum height should be 154.5-157.5 cm (barefeet)for air hostess and 170-180 cms for flight steward
  • Weight: Proportionate to height as per the company's standards
  • Status (marital) : Unmarried
  • Vision: Preferably normal eyesight without glasses; or minimum uncorrected vision (distant) should be 6/24 in each eye.
  • Educational: Graduate degree from a recognised university, or Plus Two/Equivalent with 3 year diploma in Hotel Management and Catering from a recognised institute.
  • Knowledge of the national language and at least one international language(English) is essential.
  • The applicant should be physically fit with a pleasing personality and clear complexion.

Career Prospects As Air Hostess

Airhostess CareerAirhostesses can find employment in public as well as private aviation companies like Singapore airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Indian etc. An Air Hostess has every chance to be promoted to the post of Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Attendant. Career as an Air Hostess would last for about eight to ten years, after that she could move on to the ground duties including the job of a Ground Hostess, Check Hostess, training of airhostess or work in the management level. The span of their flying career as symbols of hospitality may tend to be contractual, but experienced cabin crew are successfully absorbed in alternative careers in travel and tourism, hotels and in mass media, to name a few prominent options.


Air Hostess as a career is highly remunerative and prestigious. Although salaries of an Air Hostess depend upon the airlines she is getting into, the starting salary may Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 per month in domestic airlines. Air Hostess working with international airlines draw more in comaprasion to the their domestic counterparts. The salary of a senior airhostess is about Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000 in public sector airlines. This is even more in private international airlines which may go up to Rs 2 - 3 lakhs per month in Indian currency.

Air Hostess Institutes/Colleges in India

There have been a spurt of institutes offering courses for airhostess training in India in recent years.Please click here for a list of institutes that offer courses for Airhostess training in India.

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