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Career in Anthropology

 career in AnthropologyAnthropology is the study of history of evolution of human beings. It includes the biological evolution of human being, their social, cultural and linguistic development and also the archaeological study of human relicts. Thus social problems like birth control, labor unrest, juvenile delinquency, mortality rate can be dealt with the help of information gathered from anthropological studies.

Courses Details For  A Career in Anthropology

To be a professional Anthropologist one has to qualify B.Sc in Anthropology. The minimum qualification for B.Sc in Anthropology is 10+2 pass with science subjects. However requirement of individual colleges/universities is different . For better career option one can pursue M.Sc in Anthropology for which minimum qualification is B.Sc in the concerned subject. There are also higher studies such as M.Phil and PhD in anthropology. Nevertheless some universities or collages also offer B.A and M.A courses in Anthropology into which, a 10+2 pass student with social science can also be enrolled.

Career Prospects as Anthropologist

Anthropology Career Anthropologists have multiple career options. Various government research institutes are there which employ anthropologists most importantly the Anthropological Survey of India. There are other important institutions that have to deal with technical aspects of human evolution and therefore require the service of anthropologists like Planning Commission and Commission for Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes Commission, Minority Commission and Commission on Schedule Tribes. International agencies like WHO, UNESCO and UNICEF also recruits number of anthropologists to conduct research activities. Other areas of employment include human resource departments of corporate houses and industries. Anthropologists are also employed in museums, art galleries, libraries and archives. They also can be employed as archaeologists, curators, linguists and social workers in media houses, publishing houses and NGOs. Anthropologists also find employment in forensic science departments and criminal investigation departments. Those who are interested in teaching may find several collages and universities offering Anthropology as a subject.


Anthropologists receive very good remuneration. Those employed in public sector research institutions and departments have pay packages as per the terms and conditions of the government. Those are in international developmental agencies have even higher remuneration, perks and other benefits. Corporate houses and industries offer various fringe benefits other than salaries and allowance. Professors and teachers in academic institutions also have good pay packages.

Institutes Offering Anthropology Courses in India

There are many institutes in India that offer courses in Anthropology.Please click here to find a list of the institutes that offer courses in Anthropology in India



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