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Career in Arts

Career Options, JobsOne of the most challenging career in the industry, A career in the field of arts is very fulfilling.pick up a newspaper, a magazine, a poster or a leaflet and there would be a team of creative behind it who would have come from Arts background.And why only creative people, a whole gamut of profession in today's era like those of lawyer, an archeologist, an economist, a psychologist, a sociologist come from Arts background.

And with the advent of computers and internet era, the scope of job opportunities for students of Arts has only increased.There are graphic artists , illustrators, computer-graphic artists and animators who are much in demand these days.One thing that is common to every student of Arts is the sheer gamut of career options available to him.The remuneration is also good and as a student grows in experience in his respective field, the scope of earning keeps on getting better and better

Presented in this section are various career options for a student who has opted for Arts as his career option.

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