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Careers in Ayurveda

Ayurveda CareerThe oldest stream of medicinal sciences with its root in India ,the Ayurveda in modern day parlance is a profession that aims at treating a patient by restoring the vital balance between the senses, mind , body and soul.According to the ayurveda, the body has got three essential energy centres; the Vata (nerve energy), Pitta (catabolic fire energy) and Kapha (anabolic nutritive energy).by bringing harmony between the same, ayurveda practitioners treat the ailments of their patients.

Medicines in this sytem are prepared of natural herbs and are devoid of any side effects. Apart from herbs, purification and detoxification, dietary changes, body massages and meditation are used to promote health and prevent and treat illness. Ayurvedic medicines are rapidly gaining acceptance all over the world and have found cures for many rare ailments.

Course Details

The Ayurvedic Colleges of India are responsible for conducting Ayurvedic courses. A student having completed the degree course that is of 51/2 years to 61/2 years( including Internship) is awareded the B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) degree at the bachelor level.

Eligibility criterion to join B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) is Higher Secondary/P.U.C. preferably with Sanskrit or an examination equivalent there to, or Intermediate (Ayurvedic group- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Sanskrit) of any recognised University/Board which confirms to the specifications approved by the Council. Minimum age of joining for BAMS course is 17 years. Main entrance exams for admission to a Bachelors degree in Ayurveda include, 'All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Exam' conducted by Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE), Delhi on a national level.

Candidates who have passed BAMS can apply for post graduate program. The Post graduate program are conducted by many recognized institutions and has a duration of 3 years leading to degrees of Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda (M.D. (Ayu)) and Master of Surgery in Ayurveda (M.S. (Ayu)).Further, Post Graduate course in Ayurveda can be undertaken by interested students.

Candidates who have passed MBBS course recognized by Medical Council of India and have completed one year internship training can also apply for Post Graduate course in Ayurveda.

Career Prospects in Ayurveda

AyurvedaThere are many job opportunities both in India and abroad. An Ayurvedic practitioner can get employment as medical officer/doctor at government and private Ayurvedic hospitals. One can also start his/ her own practice or open ones own retail shop of Ayurveda medicines. They can also find employment as supervisors in 'Panch Karma' (Ayurvedic massage) / health centres. Ayurvedic doctors can work industries engaged in Ayurvedic preparations. He can also work as Professor in Ayurvedic colleges or do research. A BAMS degree holder can also open up his own pharmacy after experience of 1-2 yrs of production in a reputed firm. Only after that you can apply for a drug manufacturing license. Another option is to work as a research scientist for multinational companies with a minimum experience of 3 years in clinical research and laboratory research.


Ayurvedic hospitals of the Government employ a bulk of th eayurvedic doctores.Remuneration of these doctors are approximately around Rs. 8,000.. Professors in Ayurveda colleges command better pay packages.Ayurvedic doctors can set their own practices as well and the scope of earning there is more but depends entirely on the effort put A BAMS graduate working in private sector can earn more than what he earns in government sector.

Institutes Offering Courses in Ayurveda

Please click here for  the list of colleges that offer graduate courses in Ayurvedic sciences in India.



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