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Career in Journalism

Career in Journalism, JournalismAs a profession journalism is concerned with collection and propagation of news through different modes like print and electronic media. A journalist’s  job is to collect information of happenings in and around the world and let it known to the people. Information can be disseminated through

  • Print Media – Newspaper, Periodicals, Magazines etc.
  • Electronic Media – Radio, Television, Internet etc.

Journalism is one of the most respected and financially alluring career in the world. At the same time it is highly challenging work that demands irregular work schedule

Course Details For Career in Journalism

Bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree in journalism/mass communication is required to pursue a career in this field. Additional course work, specialized training or experience, fieldwork or internship increases one's opportunities in the field. There are a number of universities and institutes offering training in journalism.

Minimum eligibility for Bachelor degree in journalism is 10+2 and for Post graduate degree courses a Bachelor degree in journalism. Some institutes also provide one year certificate courses in journalism for which eligibility is 10+2. There are also courses in specialized areas of journalism like sports, television, photo, press law etc.

Various courses available in the stream are

Diploma Courses in Journalism

  • Diploma Course in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Diploma Course in Rural Journalism
  • Diploma in Administrative Drafting & Reporting in Hindi
  • Diploma in Communication & Media Development
  • Diploma In Communication, Journalism and Public Relations
  • Diploma in Folkloristic & Journalism
  • Diploma In Journalism
  • Diploma In Mass Media
  • Diploma in Mass Media In Urdu
  • Diploma In Media Communication


Post Graduate Courses in Journalism

  • Post Graduate Course in Communication
  • Post Graduate Course in Hindi Journalism
  • Post Graduate Course in Journalism
  • Post Graduate Course in Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Communication
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism, Public Relations And Advertising
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Mass Communication & Electronic Journalism
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Media
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Rural & Tribal Communication
  • Post Graduate Program In Communication


Other Courses in Journalism

  • B.A with Journalism
  • B.A with Mass Communication
  • B.A with Mass Communication & Journalism
  • B.A with Mass Communication & Journalism in Hindi
  • Bachelor Of Journalism
  • Bachelor Of Mass Communication
  • Bachelor Of Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Certificate Course in Journalism
  • Course in Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Course In Photo Journalism
  • Course in Sports Journalism
  • Course In Television Journalism
  • M.A in Journalism
  • M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication

  • Master Diploma In Journalism & Communication
  • Master Of Journalism With Cinema Studies
  • Master's Degree In Journalism And Public Relations
  • Master's Degree in Mass Communication & Journalism

Career Prospects in Journalism

Journalism, career in JournalismJournalists can find employment with newspapers, periodicals and magazines, central information service, press information bureau, websites, AIR and TV channels There is no dearth of companies in print as well as electronics media in the country today. While big  newspaper like The Times of India, The Hindu recruit students for different jobs in their company, news channels like NDTV, Zee Tv keep on hiring at regular intervals. Journalists have the added advantage of going in for freelancing. One can also take up this career as a part time employment along with any other field of work.

Journalists can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents, staff or freelance writer, photojournalists, proofreaders, news analysts etc. in print (newspapers and magazines) and electronic (Radio, Television and Web) media.


The minimum salary as per government directive has to be Rs. 5500 to Rs. 9000 for reporters and senior reporters, Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,500 for the chief reporters and sub-editors, and Rs. 7500 to 12000 for editors. Actual salaries offered depend on the company one is working with, and can be anything from very high to very low. Travel and stay expenses as well as allowances are additional with all pay packets. Freelancers are paid for each piece of work they submit.

Journalism Colleges in India

There are several institutes and colleges in India that impart courses on Journalism.Please Click here for detailed lists of Journalism colleges in India



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