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Career In Environmental Science

Environmental SciencesMan’s effort for a healthy and hygienic environment where there is clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, minimum solid and liquid wastes has led to the development of new career avenue called the environmental science. The profession in itself covers both natural and social science and promises tremendous employment opportunities only for environmental scientists but also for environmental engineers, environmental biologists, environmental modelers and environmental journalists.

Career Prospects in Environment Sciences

Career opportunities in this field are immense today. The horizons in this field are widening in India as well as abroad. Waste treatment industries, refineries, distilleries, mines, fertilizer plants, food processing industries and textile mills employ environmental scientists. NGOs are growing, both in numbers and in strength. there is great scope in these organizations. The growing concern over environmental protection has also made the industry more conscious of ensuring that industrial waste and other industrial materials are not hazardous to the environment, hence creating more jobs in this sector.

Environmental science incorporates in itself different areas of activity. These can be classified as:

  • Industry
  • Research and Development
  • Social Development
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Work of Environmental Scientist

An environmental scientist's job is to utilize the knowledge of various principles and concepts of science and engineering disciplines, to protect and preserve the environment. Environmental scientists also conduct research studies in order to develop theories or methods of abating and controlling the sources of environmental pollution.

So the major tasks performed by environmental scientists consist mainly of proactive and research-oriented work. It may involve tasks like:

  • Administrative Tasks
  • Advisory Tasks
  • Protective Tasks

Course Details

Environmental ScienceEnvironmental science is generally taught as an MSc. programme and therefore a bachelor's degree in any discipline of science is an essentail prerequisite. However there are few institutions which offer envionmental subjects at the BSc. level.


Depending on the qualification and the area of work, levels of remuneration also varies. In NGSs and other social organizations, the starting salary vary between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per month. In private industries, the starting salaries range from Rs. 7,000 to Rs 13,000 per month. Salaries are similar in research field.

Environmental Science Colleges in India

Environmental Sciences course is offered by different colleges and institutes in India. Please click here for a list of colleges that provide Environmental Sciences in India.



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