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Career in film DirectionFilm and TV industry also offer many exciting career avenues.Films are a rage in India and film stars in India are treated as demigods. Although their siblings in television industry are not treated in the same league, its still a sector that offers lucrative career option. While Indian film industry is the second biggest film industry after Hollywood, the television industry has already achieved the numero uno position in the world in production of maximum number of serials per annum. It is thus quite natural that there is a huge demand of professionals in both these sectors.

 Apart from the actors and actresses who are the mainstay in these industries, other professionals who make a mark are:


A director in television or cinema is the creative controller. He is responsible for giving shape to the entire proceeding and making the program presentable to the audience. He takes care of all creative inputs — selecting the music and graphics, supervising the ‘edit’ or deciding the camera angles.He hoots the entire episode and makes the actors act in various locations. Creativity and the ability to think in perspective are essential for the Director. Once the shooting is completed, it is time to supervise the post-production work i.e. such as editing and sound dubbing.

Floor Manager

The work of a Floor Manager falls into two main areas: liaison between the Producer/Director and people on the studio floor, and responsibility (as the name suggests), for studio floor management. Safety is an important part of the work; checking sets to make sure they are safe, ensuring that everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. Leadership qualities and a high degree of stamina are essential.


Music Composer

Almost every program on TV and every movie in India irrespective of its nature or content leans on musical scores. Music in the industry is also used to market the movie or the program as a good score establishes rapport with the audience and is able to produce an impression on his mind. As such music composers or Music directors as they are called in the industry are much sought after and highly paid.

Production Manager

Film MakingProduction Manager makes arrangement for procuring the technical and other equipment, fixes the editing schedules in consultation with the Producer-Director, books studios, and arranges for every logistical detail. The responsibility of a Production Manager is immense. An active, resourceful and capable manager qualifies as a Production Manager. As with most of the jobs we have seen earlier, one has to start by assisting a senior professional to learn the basics of the game.


The researcher is responsible for information management. He is expected to provide facts and figures for the scripts, graphics, etc. News, current affairs program, quizzes, infotainment shows and documentaries require extensive collaboration from Researchers .Researchers need to be creative and enthusiastic to contribute ideas for program. They should be inquisitive and resourceful, yet methodical and painstaking in their research.

Script Writer

A script Writer provides the basic storyline for a movie, a television serial, a documentary, a soap opera, or radio. He must be an ace wordsmith to add punch and meaning to the plot while taking care not to duplicate the visual. Ever in demand and yet in short supply, the job is open for the best talent and promises a celebrity status and lots of money for the grueling hard work and long hours of toil.


Career as production AssistantIt is the cameraperson who shoots and captures the entire movie/program thereby making it possible for the entire thing to be shown on screen. Thus he translates an abstract idea or a story or program into a live, tangible, pulsating array of visuals flowing in a meaningful sequence. It is a grueling job where he has to toil hard to get the right angles and the perfect shots. Naturally, then, acuteness of perception and artistic ability are as important as an extensive technical knowledge of lights and filters.

Videotape Editor

The Videotape Editor’s job is to put together a film or a program into a meaningful sequence. Wading through the reels of footage shot by the crew, the Videotape Editor arranges them in a sequence to make a coherent, crisp program/movie. A good editor combines strong technical knowledge with a sense of meticulous detail and a style of e delivery that is sensitive to visuals and sound.

Visual Mixer

Much in demand in the television sector, the Visual Mixer ‘s job is to produce a smooth set of flowing images in the serial/program. A television program is made up of pictures that come from a number of sources; for instance, from cameras in the studio, pre-recorded footage or slides (transparencies). The Visual Mixer receives a signal from the Director to cut from one picture source to another producing a smooth sequence of images. The job calls for quick reflexes and an excellent sense of timing.

Production Assistant

PAs are the troops who work under the supervision of the Producer or the Production Manager. They make sure that everyone is where they need to be, transport actors and crew to the sets, get the reams of paperwork signed by the right people, and distribute the calls to announce costume fittings, or last minute changes and so on. While some people make a good career out of working as a Production Assistant, this position is considered a perfect hands-on entry-level job for those who have the ambition to move into the production end of the business.

Institutes and Course Details

There are many institutes in The country that offer different courses related to Films and television.Please click on here for detailed list of institutes offering Courses on films and television.



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