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Career in the IT & ITES Sector

BPOInformation Technology and information technology enabled services is the fastest growing sector in India. Since its ascent in 2001 the sector has consumed most professionals in the country and created most number of Jobs.It is estimated that one in three jobs in our country belong to this sector.Also known as BPO(Business Process Outsourcing), the sector includes in itself different services like customer support, tele marketing, technical support services, employee IT help-desk services, insurance services, data entry services, data conversion services, scanning OCR with editing & indexing services, online research and form processing services. To be concise the sector constitutes of all the jobs that could have been done in a particular country but has been outsourced to India owing to factors like cost benefits, access to professional services etc. Facilitating the transfer of this work to India is the modern day Information Technology. Thus the sector that initially started with call centers now encompasses almost everything like accounting outsourcing, legal process outsourcing, outsource of medical transcriptions etc.

Based on the process involved, BPOs can be divided into two broad categories :

  • Voice
  • Non- Voice

Voice BPO

The voice BPO’s generally deal with back end support to clients over phone. This generally involves telemarketing, answering customer queries and enquiries giving support over the phone to various complaints of overseas clients. Generally one should be proficient in English to get into these jobs. He should be able to understand not only clients dialect but also be able to answer him in a lucid way and in fashion that he understands. These kind of BPos are generally called call centers.

Non Voice

Any business function or process that can be transferred to India over the internet and can be performed here are included in the non voice BPO sector.Services generally performed this way include data entry services, data conversion services etc.

Course Details in IT and ITES Sector

There is no specialized course that trains a student into the sector.Students after completing their graduation and post graduation/professional studies in different field can apply for a job into the sector based on their expertise. Normally proficiency in English is an added advantage.

Career Prospects in IT & ITES Sector

BPO, Career in BPOBPO is one of the rewarding career options. This career can offer people considerable rewards in terms of intellectual challenge, professional status, job satisfaction & high earnings. BPOs offer top class compensation and faster growth in packages than almost any other industry in India today. BPOs enable youngster to have fast-track careers, with higher levels of responsibility being delegated at fairly early stages in their careers. Youngster between 20 and 25 years largely dominate the industry for agents and 25 and 30 years for most middle managements. Apart from this, they provide people with invaluable international exposure of working for leading global, companies. Also, the skills developed while working at call centers are highly desirable, cutting across industries in India and overseas .The BPO industry offers a huge range of job roles in varied functions like quality, human resource, finance, IT, project management, training, facilities management, etc.


Remuneration in this field are lucrative. Fresh graduates in the call centre draw around 12000 to 15000 rupees. In non voice processes this could be well around 18000 to 20000 in Indian rupees. With an year or two of experience they can become team leader earning around 30000 rupees easily. After proving oneself as a team leader, you can become Manager of a Process, Training, Quality, or any other support function. As you continue to grow in the company, you could be promoted to Head of Process and then to Head of Call Centre Operations. The time frames between promotions depend on performance and on individual company procedures.

IT and ITES Training Institutes 

There are no specific courses in the field nor are there many colleges/institutes offering training in the field. However of late, a few institutes have started offering specialized courses in BPO as well. Aptech in all the major cities of India provides ACPG BPO course in India. Similarly Brainware runs courses in BPO across all the major cities of India.

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