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Career in Library Science

Libraries are the reservoir of knowledge and information aCareer in Library Sciencesnd Librarianship as profession is concerned with storage, organizing and maintenance of books, papers and journals. Nevertheless, with the advent of information technology and computers the traditional concept of is being redesigned to include not only books and other printed materials but also new tools of information like CD-ROM, internet, virtual libraries etc.

With increase in micro-literature such as scientific periodicals, patents, theses etc., the new array of techniques emerged which was terms “Documentation”. Next to that, the society is facing the exponential growth of scientific literature, automation and new media of communication (such as Information Communication Technology-ICT). This brought sea change in the outlook of Librarians and Documentalists and more so in the users of information. Thus emerged “Information Science” where “Information” is at the center. We can depict the phase of Library & information science” as follows:

  • Books - Library Science
  • Documents (Books+Mirco-literatures)-Documentation
  • Information -Information Science

Library and Information Centers are repositories of knowledge and information and entertainment. They contain books, periodicals, microfilms, CDs i.e. print and non-print media for education, research and entertainment etc. Those who scientifically and systematically organize and disseminate these information sources through vivid processes such as acquisition, cataloguing, classification, reference works and dissemination of information etc., are called ‘Librarians/Information Managers’. This profession is among top ten most coveted professions in developed countries [( - careers in Library Science.

Library and Information Science deals with all kinds of aspects related to Library and Information Centers with a motive to link the information seekers with the required information through various Library and Information operations.

Course Details For Career in Library Sciences

The minimum qualification required to get an admission in Library Science is graduation. Graduates from any stream can go for Bachelors degree in library science the duration of which is one year. After that, students can go for Masters Degree in library science, which is of one-year duration. Some students who are interested in higher studies and research activities can also go for M.Phil and PhD in this field. There are also diploma and certificate courses in Library Science. Basically, a good librarian should have keen interest in books and varieties of topics, high organizing ability, excellent communication skills and customer service attitude.

Presented under is a list of various courses available for a student with interest in library Sciences:

Name of programmes



Certificate in Library & Information Sc. (CLISc)/Certificate in Library Sc. (CLSc).

Matric/10+2 or equivalent

3 to 6 Months

Certificate in Information, communication & Technology (ICT) Application in Library (CICTAL)

10+2 with CLISc/DLSc

6 Months

Diploma in Library & Information Sc (DLISc)/ Diploma in Library Sc (DLSc)

10+2 or equivalent

1 Yr

Bachelor of Library & Information Sc (BLSc)/Bachelor of Library Sc (BLSc)

Graduation or equivalent

1 Yr

BLISc/BLSc (LIS as subject at B.A level)

10+2 or equivalent

3 Yrs

Post Graduate Diploma in Libaray Automation & Networking (PGDLAN)


1 Yr

Master of Library & Information Sc. (MLISc)/ Master of Library Sc. (MLSc)


1 Yr

MLISc/MLSc (Integrated Course)

Graduation or equivalent

2 Yrs

Associateship in Documentation and Information Science (ADIS) [Equivalent to MLISc/MLSc

BLISc/BLSc/MBBS/BE/PG/ or equivalent

2 Yrs

Associateship of Information Science (ALS) [Equivalent to MLISc/MLSc]

BLISc/BLSc/MBBS/BE/PG/ or equivalent

2 Yrs

MSc (Information Science) [equivalent to MLISc/MLSc]

Graduation/MBBS/BE/B.Pharma/or equivalent

2 Yr

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.

MLISc/MLSc or equivalent

1 Yr

Doctor of philosophy ( Ph.D)

Same as above

2 to 5 Yrs

Doctor of Literature (D. Litt)



Career Prospects in Library Sciences

Career in Library SciencesIn the age of information revolution, the employment and placement prospects of librarians are on the rise. Trained personnel in this field can get employment opportunities in wide areas like Public and Government libraries, Universities, professional and other academic institutions, news and broadcasting agencies, private libraries and special libraries meant for special categories of people. They also can be employed in museum, galleries, archives, information and documentation centers. They can also get a job in private publishing houses and other private companies handling voluminous information. Some library technicians are also self-employed as researchers, consultants, cataloguers etc. on short- term contracts basis.


In the age of information revolution librarianship is a well paid job. However salaries of librarian vary depending upon their individual qualifications, experience, size and nature of the hiring institutes. Librarian employed in government museum, archives, galleries have higher earnings than those in collages and universities. Librarians working in private documentation centres and research institutes also have handsome earnings.

Institutes Offering Courses in Library Science

There are many institutes in India that offer courses in library Sciences.Please click here for detailed list of institutes that offer courses on Library Sciences.



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