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Careers in Sales & Marketing

Marketing ManagementOne of the most attractive opportunities in corporate sector is that of sales. Sales and marketing are the most essential functions of the company and no company can even think to survive without this. Apart from regular selling of products by the sales team, the role of marketing manger is to do market research, product development, promotion and public relation activities. Sales and Marketing managers formulate the marketing strategies for a firm by analyzing the demand of the firm’s products and services in the market. They also identify competitors and potential markets such as businesses, retailers, wholesalers, government, and the general public. Their main aim is to maximize the firm’s market share and profits by developing effective pricing strategies, all while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Course Details

Sales and Marketing Management is taught as part of the MBA curriculum at all B-Schools across the country. Thus to have a career in this field its needed to have an MBA/PGDM degree and then specialize in marketing. Admission into MBA program is done on the basis of a written test, group discussion and personal interview. The written test is conducted through CAT & MAT on a national basis. Some management institutes also conduct their own exam like IIFT, S P Jain, and FMS etc.

Career Prospects in Marketing Management

Marketing CareerSales and Marketing are mutually dependent functions. Sales involve assessing and fixing sales targets and working out strategies. They appoint distributors and plan sale outlets. Marketing involves planning of strategy to deliver goods and services efficiently and inexpensively to the customer. It involves market research, product development, promotion, pricing, sales and distribution. Sales and Marketing managers were employed in nearly all industries. Sales and marketing managers, who hold almost half of the jobs, work mostly in manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, finance and insurance. Over one-third of marketing managers work in manufacturing or in scientific, professional, and technical services industries. Over one-third of advertising and promotions managers are employed in scientific, professional, and technical services, as well as in publishing, advertising, and other information industries. The majority of public relations managers work in services industry- insurance, educational, scientific, professional, and technical services, or in health care and social assistance services.


As an MBA graduate, Sales & Marketing Manager gets Rs 20000 to Rs 30000 starting salary per month particularly in private sector. The pay scale may go up depending upon qualification, ability and experience of the person concerned. Apart from salary the marketing executives earn handsomely on commission. At a senior level, an MBA graduate with Sales & Marketing as specialization can well go up to Rest 50000 to Rest 60000 per month.

Institutes Offering Courses in Marketing

The course is offerd by almost all Business school in the country.Please click here for a  list of top business schools in India.



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