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Radio Jockey as Career

RAdio Jockey as careerRadio Jockeys anchor musical programs in radios. He plays music on radio,chats with his listeners delivers news,interviews guests and manages contests all with a view to entertain his listeners.The profession is very very demanding .Lots of wits apart from hardwork is needed in the field.The performance of these RJ’s is responsible for bringing in listeners to the radio centre. So they have a very responsible role to play. A RJ career require enthusiasm, rationality , creativity of mind , good sense of humor, excellent communication skills & ownership of a live appealing voice. Radio jockeying, though a non-conventional career, is fast catching up with other traditional jobs. With the advent of FM channels, Radio Jockeying has become a popular career option for many youngsters.

Course Details For career as Radio Jockey

Formal educational qualifications do not hold much value in radio jockeying because it is a talent based field. Though graduation is considered to be the benchmark, students who have passed 10+2 are also hired by private channels. Usually people under 35 years are preferred for this profession. The personal qualities that are required to become a successful RJ are good command over language, extremely good communicative powers, proper voice modulation, good sense of sound and music, good sense of humor and good diction. Staying updated is very important for a radio jockey. An RJ needs to keep track of the happenings in and around the city.

Career Prospects of a Radio Jockey

The domain which was previously dominated by the state owned AIR is seeing huge investment by private concerns. This factor has led to an increase in job opportunities for radio jockeys. The job of a Radio Jockey is of diversifying nature depending on the subject matter of the programme. Radio Jockeys can find work in organizations like AIR (All India Radio) and other independent radio stations. AIR (All India Radio) holds auditions for RJs every 3 months in their radio stations in various cities especially in metros. Because of their voice standard, RJ can do voice-overs for television and radio advertisements. They can also lend their voices to audio magazines and documentaries. RJs also can anchor or compeer TV shows or live shows or events.


Beginners in the initial stage can earn between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month as Radio Jockey. For sponsored programs, software producing companies may pay between Rs 1400 to Rs 2500 per show. After a few years of experience, the earnings can be doubled and depending on the popularity of their shows, RJ's can earn between Rs 15,000 up to Rs 85,000 per month. Another scope of earning for RJ’s is lending voices for Ad commercials in radios and televisions. The scale of earning from this segment is quite high.

Institutes Offering Cources in Radio Jockeying

There are quite a number of institutes in India that provide courses on radio Jockeying.Please click here for detailed list of institutes providing courses on Radio Jockeyimg.



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