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Careers in Radiography

Radiography CareerRadiography is the use of X-rays to view unseen or hard-to-image objects. The main purpose of radiography is to see inside one's body, most commonly by using X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, Angiography and PET technologies.the use of radiography has become imoperative in todays medical world as these are used extensively for diagnosis of diseses like tumors,internal cysts and cancers

There are two career choices in the field- Diagnostic Radiography and Therapeutic Radiography. The responsibility of a Diagnostic radiographer is to explain the procedure to the patients, prepare them for the tests and operate the machine, apart frpm assisting physicians in performing procedures such as Myelograms (an exam to detect injuries) and surgeons in the operating room with portable x-ray machines or fluoroscopic machines.

Therapeutic radiography or Radiotherapy on the other hand involves the use of radiation in treatment and diagnosis of diseases like cancer, tumors and ulcers. A therapy radiographer use radiation in highly controlled conditions in the treatment of tumor.

Course Details

Those aspiring to make a career in the field should have paseed 10+2 with science particularly with biology, physiology and anatomy as subjects. There are degree courses such as B.Sc in Radiography and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Medical Technology in Radiography. The duration for the graduate programme is three years. Apart from this, there are one year certificate courses also available. There are some institutes which conduct Diploma in diagnostic radiography and Radiotherapy of two years duration.

Career Prospects In Radiography

Radiography  as CareerWith more and more sophisticated machines getting into the hospitals,professionals in the field of radiography are much in demand.they are required in both government as well as private hospitals.Besides, private nursing homes, diagnostic centers and super specialty hospitals are preferred place for radiographers. Self-employment opportunities are also available in this field as they can open their own diagnostic centers. The better qualified among the radiographers can teach in medical colleges and institutes. Research activity options are also available to radiographers. Apart from this radiographers are much in demand in foreign countries.


Radiographers working in government hospitals can earn somewhere between Rs 8,000-12,000 per month. Private hospitals and clinics offer more lucrative pay packages to radiographers. Radiographers can seek employment in foreign countries as well where they can earn much more.

Institutes Offering Courses in Radiography

Many Institutes in the country offer courses in radiography.Please click here for a list of institutes that offer courses in radiography in India.



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