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Career as Tour Guide

Tour Guide, career as Tour GuideThe traveling industry is on roll these days and this has opened many job opportunities. Tour guide is one of them. Tour guides lead visitors, individually or in groups, on tours less than a day in length. They ensure that itineraries are met and that customers are being informed in an entertaining manner about the location they are touring. In a way they are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the group. Mostly these guides are employed by tour companies and resorts .

Their work include

  • Arranging transportation for visitors
  • Assembling and checking required supplies and equipment before departing for tour
  • Describing points of interest along the tour
  • Monitor visitors' activities in order to ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices
  • May have to either plan and/or conduct itineraries and activities

A travel guide must have extensive knowledge of the tourist destinations along with good presentation skills.

Course Details

Tour guide training courses are conducted by the Tourism Offices of Government of India, which is held in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Only graduates from any stream are eligible. After the completion of the course, the guide is certified and given a license. Besides, Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management (IITTM) also offers short-term courses for graduates. Tourist guide license is issued both at the state and central level by the Tourism Department after taking a test depending on their needs. There are also Tourism and Travel Administration/ Management courses offered by several institutes.

Also Post Graduation Diploma in travel and tour management is offered by various institutes.Eligibility for the same is graduation.Selection is based on written exams followed by interviews.Th course duration is generally 1 year.

Career Prospects As Tour Guide

Tour GuideTour guides can find job in tourism departments and tourism directorates of the union and state governments. They can also work in the private sector with travel agencies and tour operators. Another prospect of employment for them is the airlines, hotels and transport industries. Apart from this they can make good money by becoming travel journalists or travel writers. They can work as a freelancer too. Self employment is good option in this sector.They can after a point of time can also set their own travel agency.


Travel guiding is a field, where earnings vary depending on skill, abilities, professionalisms and customer satisfaction. Regional tour guides may charges from Rs 400 and above for an eight hour day. They may earn between Rs. 30,000-40,000 and even more in the three to four months of the tourist peak season.

Tour Guide Training Institutes

Tour Guide is an emerging career option. However most of the hotel management institutes in the country provide courses graduate and undergraduate courses for career in Tour Guide.Please click here for a list of institutes in India that impart courses in Tour Guide training.

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